10 Paul Tudor Jones Quotes For Traders

Paul Tudor Jones as of 2019 currently has a net worth of over $5 Billion making him one of Forbes’ richest people in the world.
He is well known for successfully predicting and profiting off the Black Monday Crash in 1987 and being one of the traders interviewed in the book Market Wizards.

Below I share 10 of my favorite Paul Tudor Jones Quotes on trading and life in general.

1. “I’m always thinking about losing money as opposed to making money. Don’t focus on making money, focus on protecting what you have.” – Paul Tudor Jones

2. “Don’t be a hero. Don’t have an ego. Always question yourself and your ability. Don’t ever feel that you are very good. The second you do, you are dead.” – Paul Tudor Jones

3. “And then at the end of the day, the most important thing is how good are you at risk control. Ninety-percent of any great trader is going to be the risk control.” – Paul Tudor Jones

4. “Don’t ever average losers. Decrease your trading volume when you are trading poorly; increase your volume when you are trading well. Never trade in situations where you don’t have control. For example, I don’t risk significant amounts of money in front of key reports, since that is gambling, not trading.” – Paul Tudor Jones

5. “The secret to being successful from a trading perspective is to have an indefatigable and an undying and unquenchable thirst for information and knowledge.” – Paul Tudor Jones

6. “First of all, never play macho man with the market. Second, never overtrade.” – Paul Tudor Jones

7. “It is not that we had any unfair knowledge that other people didn’t have, it is just that we did our homework. People just don’t want to believe that anyone can break away from the crowd and rise above mediocrity.” – Paul Tudor Jones

8. “You can not have significance in this life if it is all about you. You get your significance, you find your joy in life through service and sacrifice – it’s pure and simple.” – Paul Tudor Jones

9. “If life ever ceased to be an educational experience. I probably wouldn’t get out of bed in the morning.” – Paul Tudor Jones

10. “I think one of my strengths is that I view anything that has happened up to the present point in time as history. I really don’t care about the mistake I made three seconds ago in the market. What I care about is what I am going to do from the next moment on. I try to avoid any emotional attachment to a market.” – Paul Tudor Jones

Paul Tudor Jones Quotes

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