TSLA Stock Analysis

Below I journal and study the TSLA chart as part of the 2020 Stock Market Winners Series.

TSLA Stock Chart

TSLA stock chart analysis 2020
Chart 1 – 2020 Winners – TSLA

Price and Volume Characteristics

  • *Highest Volume in Over a year with Earnings Catalyst
  • *Follow on Follow Through Volume post-earnings ++
  • *Respect for 60s 65s 80s 150s as price trends.
  • *Volume Dry Ups as price consolidates in 150s, above 250s, near 400s = Constructive Action
  • *Relative Strength Days and outperformance in June 2020, Late November 2020.

Data-based Characteristics


  • *Should be on the Gappers list in late October post-earnings report.
  • *Follow on Follow through volume post-earnings is an added sign of institutional interest in late October 2019
  • *Should make RS lists in June 2020 for an entry near the $200 mark. Should make the RS list on break above $450s
  • *IOF+IBT+Pink Line+PLG added to conviction.