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Number 1

High Relative Volume Bars

013 number 2

Low Relative Volume Bars

024 number 3

Volume Audio Alerts

Number 4

Volume Labels


High Relative Volume Bars

Clearly highlight high relative volume bars with a high closing range lime green for the best interpretation of volume on your Daily & Weekly Charts.


Low Relative Volume Bars

Label low relative volume days with an orange bar to interpret constructive price & volume action on your Daily & Weekly Charts.


Volume Audio Alerts

Right click on the Volume to set alerts based on two conditions: High Relative Volume or Low Relative Volume.


Volume Labels

A Chart Bubble above the Highest Volume Bar on your timeframe.


  1. Launch ThinkorSwim on your computer
  2. Click Set Up on the top right of your ThinkorSwim application and click Open Shared Item
  3. Under Shared Item URL: https://tos.mx/xzhkVeJ
  4. Click Preview then Click Import
  5. Right Click the Chart, look for Studies > Edit Studies
  6. Under Studies Tab search for TraderLion Enhanced Volume
  7. Double Click The Script to add it.
  8. Click Apply
Script instructions


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