Institutional Options Flow

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Our objective is to develop a true edge in the MoneyFlow markets. Check out our databases, research, and visualization tools below!

Easily remove the noise and track every footprint that the real market movers leave behind. Uncover explosive moves by spotting the footprints left behind by institutional money managers and hedge funds using our Block Trades Database, Unusual Options Activity Database, and Visualization Tools.

Visualize Block Trades and Unusual Options Activity Data

Access our exclusive databases – that REMOVE the noise!

What’s Included?

A Powerful Way To Track Institutional Activity

  • Data
  • Key Features
Stock Flow
Our criteria picks up on the biggest and most unusual flow on individual stocks. Updated End of Day basis only.
ETF Flow
Experience an edge like never before when you spot massive directional bets on the major ETFs. Updated End of Day basis only.
Industry & Sector
Each stock's industry & sector is highlighted giving you the ability to spot early themes and rotations developing.
Much More
Including Greeks, Relative Volume, Earnings, IV, Short Float and much more.
Beautiful UI
Our web-based databases provide clear and concise information, that is easily filtered, sorted, and downloaded.
Private Twitter
If you prefer to access the information via Twitter we have that option for your convenience.
Daily Reports
Members can run reports 24/7/365 in the Discord Research Room to pull up repeat, unusual action on both the block trade and options market
Clear Data
Sold Calls? Sold Puts? Our data feed picks up on that and displays it as bullish or bearish for you.


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Sadly, I’ve only tried their option room.. However, I have been able to increase my account 36% in the last 3 months, using their services.. I’ve seen alot of trading communities come and go, I have a lot of respect for this group and its leaders.. knowledgeable, and willing to help.

– Jay Kim

This is the same UOA other places charge hundreds of dollars a month for. I will be a long time subscriber. TY.

– Vinny M

Cant beat the price for the data. One of my favorite additions to my toolbox.

– Jessica S

phenomenal resource. highly recommend for options traders or anyone who understands how to capitalize on the edge

– Taylor F