An Unfair Edge

What if you could see the data that dictates price action? MoneyFlow makes it possible to identify stocks with the potential to make explosive moves – before they happen. Why is MoneyFlow so powerful? That’s because now you get the full picture of what is going on behind the scenes. You’ve probably tried tracking unusual options activity and found no success… Or someone mentions a large trade in the Dark Pools, but you didn’t know what to do with the information… The truth is that until you combine ALL of the data, you will always be missing a piece of the puzzle. Did you really think you can just follow a large option bet and enjoy big gains? Large institutions are smarter than that. Much smarter. They are always 3 steps ahead. They scale in and accumulate strategically so you can’t see their real moves. This is why MoneyFlow is so exciting, for the first time ever you can see what’s really going on and track the footprints they leave behind.
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Data With an EDGE

Uncover explosive moves by tracking these prints left behind by institutional money managers and hedge funds using our Block Trades Database, Unusual Options Activity Database, and Visualization Tools.
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Visualize With Chart Overlays

Run a simple command in Discord and have beautiful charts generated for you instantly.

Clearly see the price levels and volumes where these Block + Options trades are happening on top of any stock in the market.

Interpret these hidden transactions like never before.

Know Where To Focus

Run various commands in Discord to pull up anything from Repeat activity to Unusual Activity, sorted for you. Where is the money going? Generate activity for industries as a whole and spot early rotations that are quietly developing.

Visualize Key Levels of Institutional Interest

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Statistical Data-Driven Research

After several hundred hours of research and conducting studies, we figured out how to turn this data into an absolute weapon. Built from the ground up, and still a constant work in progress, we are happy to say this is completely unique to the TL team.

Can’t beat the price for the data. One of my favorite additions to my toolbox.

Jessica S.

Phenomenal resource. Highly recommend for options traders or anyone who understands how to capitalize on the edge.

Taylor F.

I went through 300 charts last night and checked MoneyFlow on some of the bigger moves. The edge is consistent. Very exciting.

Jimmy S.

I started questioning options flow after being a long time user. I had some big trades but always felt lucky…this has added a totally new sense of conviction.

John C.

I’m addicted. Had this been available earlier I woulda traded a few of my positions very differently!

Tom M.

My scanning process has changed forever!! This is really neat stuff. I can easily narrow down my watchlist to 3-5 core stocks each week.

Lisa P.



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