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Developed by former portfolio manager Ross Haber, the Top 10 Report is an invaluable tool for semi-experienced traders, looking for the next big market leaders. Leveraging years of experience, working side by side with market giant William O’Neil, Ross Haber brings his unique methodology, proven track record and stock ideas, coupled with a market analysis of all stock market indexes in every issue of the Top 10 Report.

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The strongest stocks in the strongest groups are the ones that beat the market every year. That’s where we focus.

Stop trying to catch up with trends: find the next market leaders with the top 10 most powerful stock ideas of the week.


Approved and recommended by two of the top hedge funds on Wall Street, the Top 10 Report delivers institutional-level research, packaged in an easy-to-digest format straight into your inbox every Sunday and Tuesday night.

Each issue contains a market analysis of all stock market indexes and Ross’ top 10 stock ideas, developed after years of rigorous research and successful practice.

Forget editorials: enter the trading world fully prepared and find out which stocks to buy now with the Top 10 Report.


Schooled by the founder of CAN SLIM® Ross Haber leverages years of experience, developing proprietary methods for sound, future-proof investments. Co-author of the in-house “The Model Book of Greatest Stock Market Winners,” Ross spent his time traveling around and teaching aspiring and seasoned traders at multi-day investment workshops. Throughout his career, he has honed his skill for identifying winning stocks and is well versed into recognizing the ones that outperform the general market. He now brings this experience to help you identify the right stocks to buy.


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Take the guesswork out of trading. Understand whether the current market environment is supportive of the new trades and feel confident when buying stocks

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Gain invaluable insights and interpret the market through one of the brightest minds in the industry.

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No fluff: only the information that matters most. Each chart in the Top 10 Report is marked up so you can clearly see the trends and learn on your own.

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I have tried out many newsletters and chatroom services over the years and have found that Ross is one of very few guys out there that actually lives by his rules, never attempts to deceive subscribers and doesn’t call a top every time the market comes in hard for a few days. He is a true trend follower. He gets the big picture and understands that periods of heavy selling are normal during an uptrend in the general market. Ross understands how to interpret the action of leading growth stocks like no other. This is what gives him the conviction to stick with the trend and not get spooked every time the market goes down, unlike so many other services that claim to follow the same methodology. In a nutshell, the Top 10 Report has led to a big improvement in my performance and especially my consistency. I can’t recommend it highly enough!
– Michael M.
Ross is a tried and true position trader that understands how to be patient and let a trade play out according to plan, which I have found to be rare. I have finally learned how to gain control over my emotions and stop being shaken out of so many trades!
– Kenneth L.
Information overload and analysis paralysis were my biggest issues until I found TraderLion and Ross’ Top 10 Report on Twitter. He stays highly focused on price and volume and ignores everything else, including the news. Unlearning my bad habits was the hard part, but now I know, less is more. Also, my performance has improved dramatically and my confidence is finally back.
– Hope M.
The Top 10 Report provides a focused list of actionable, high-quality leaders, which shows you exactly what to buy, when to buy and when to sell. The best part about it, is that Ross makes himself available every day to answer questions via email. This includes after the market has closed AND on the weekends. Now that my homework is basically done for me and I know that my questions will always be answered, I have much more time to spend focused on other things in my busy life!
– Nick B.
I hate to admit that I used to be one of those traders bouncing from one service to the next, each offering something a little bit different, but always promising things like “outstanding results in any market environment” and “consistent win rates in excess of 90%.” Simply put, these folks are lying. It was the Top 10 Report that finally shed some light on the reality of these ridiculous claims. Ross taught me that when it comes to making the big money in the stock market, a sound set of rules, risk control and portfolio management are the most important factors to understand. Then comes stock picking and interpreting the market. Keep up the great work.
– Stephanie S.


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