The Weekend Routine: May 2, 2021

Weekend Routine – May 2, 2021

1. Reviewing last week to prep for next week: 5 Day 15 min Chart, Volume Stats & Commentary via @TLPrivate_

SPX 02 May 2021 20 11 2

SUFO – Stocks Up From Open
SDFO – Stocks Down From Open
U/D – Up/Down
RV – Relative Volume
HRV – High Relative Volume
LRV – Low Relative Volume
EOD – End of Day
PLG – Potential Leadership Groups
DMA – Daily Moving Average
KMA – Key Moving Average

Leadership Day – Indexes finish up on the session with leadership groups leading from the open.
Rotation Day – Indexes finish up on the session with laggards leading from the open.
Distribution Day – Indexes finish down on the session on increasing volume vs prior day. Track index volume:

2. Market Review

Market ConditionsConfirmed UptrendConfirmed Uptrend
Distribution Count33
Market Indexes via Top 10 Report
sc 14
sc 15
sc 16

3. Sector, Group, Industry Review

1 Week Leading Performance-Momentum Groups: US Cannabis, Oilers, Energy, SP Biotechnology, Financials
1 Week Lagging Performance-Momentum Groups: Solar, China Internet, Miners, Semiconductors, Software


4 Week Leading Performance-Momentum Groups: Medical, Health Care, Utilities, Aerospace, Real Estate
4 Week Lagging Performance-Momentum Groups: Solar, Oilers, Semiconductors, Airlines, SP Biotechnology


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Top 20 Industry Groups From MarketSmith

Top Industry Groups: Oil&Gas, Transportation, Retail, Metals, Wholesale-Food, Comm Services/Media

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